If you think that salvation can be lost or forfeited...

Misplaced Faith

Then you also think itís your job and responsibility to keep yourself saved.
You think the success of your salvation is ultimately in your hands. This means youíre depending on yourself to finish your salvation instead of putting your confidence in Christís perfect sacrifice alone to completely save you. Sadly, your faith is in you!

Works gospel

Then you also think that itís up to you to keep your salvation by doing your part. Youíre trying to stay saved by obeying the Ten Commandments, doing good works, or by trying your best to ďhang in there.Ē You have turned Godís free salvation of grace into a performance based trophy. Instead of trusting in Christ for your salvation, youíre trying to pay for it.

Halfway Helper

Then you also think Jesus only made your salvation a possibility. You think that Jesus started your salvation, but itís up to you to finish it. You think that Jesus paid some and itís up to you do the rest. Instead of believing that Jesusí sacrifice is perfect and final, you think that itís lacking, incomplete, and needs your finishing touch. Jesus is your ďgreat helperĒ instead of your ďMerciful Savior.Ē

If salvation can be lost or forfeited, then itís your job to keep yourself saved by doing your best to hang in there and to do your part. But Jesus didnít die to help you save yourself. His sacrifice isnít insufficient, lacking, or needing you in any way. Jesus paid it all. He paid the full penalty and price for all your sins (Colossians 2:13-14). He completely and forever saved you once and for all time with one sacrifice (Hebrews 7:25; 10:10). Your salvation can never be lost and it will never be taken away (John 10:27-29). Jesus promised us eternal life (1stJohn 2:25). The Ten Commandments and your good works have nothing to do with your salvation (Galatians 2:16). We are helpless in salvation (Romans 5:6). Thatís the whole point. Jesus doesnít save the deserving, willing, and able; He mercifully saves the undeserving, unwilling, and helpless (Romans 9:16). You canít think itís your job to keep your salvation and then call it ďfaithĒ (Romans 4:4-5; 11:6). We donít do good works to get or keep our salvation; we obey God because we already have salvation. Obedience is the only way helpless, Hell deserving people can worship and appreciate God for freely and eternally saving them (Rom 12:1). Youíre saved by trusting in Jesus as your Lord, God and Savior (Romans 10:9). Hate sin, give your allegiance to Christ, and put your full faith and confidence in Him alone for salvation. Jesus paid it all; nothing else needs to be done (Romans 3:22-24). Itís not teamwork, itís His-work. If you think that salvation can be lost, then what are you saying about Jesus and His sacrifice; and what ďgospelĒ do you believe in? Is your confidence truly in Christ, or are you trying to finish your own salvation? Did Jesus save you, or is He helping you save yourself? If you think the success of your salvation is in your hands, have faith, give it to Christ, and rest your soul (Matt 11:28; 2 Tim 1:12).

ďAre you so foolish? You began with the Holy Spirit.
Are you now trying to complete God's work in you by your own strength?Ē
(Galatians 3:3)

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