Whatís the difference between a gospel that says salvation can be lost and one that says itís eternal?

Gospel #1:
"Salvation can be lost."
Gospel #2:
"Salvation is eternal."
Itís your job to keep yourself saved by:
doing good works,
trying your best to keep the Ten Commandments,
and or your ability to ďhang in there.Ē
Your salvation depends on your obedience and your faithfulness.
Your salvation depends and rests on you!
Your good works canít help you.
Your good works canít save you.
Your good works canít keep you.
Even your ďbest worksĒ are totally worthless in salvation.
You canít do anything to help save yourself.
You are totally guilty and totally helpless.
(Isaiah 64:6; Romans 3:10-12, 23; 5:6; James 2:10)
partial sacrifice
Jesus didnít completely or finally save you.
He didnít pay the full and final price for your sins,
Jesusí sacrifice is only part of the puzzle.
Your salvation isnít paid in full, itís on layaway.
You have to finish and complete your salvation.
Jesusí sacrifice didnít secure your salvation,
His sacrifice just made your salvation a possibility.
Jesusí sacrifice is:
1. Conditional: because it depends on you to keep it.
2. Frail: because it can fade and fall off.
3. Insufficient: because your works make it complete.
Jesusí sacrifice is:
1. Unconditional: because it doesnít depend on you or works.
2. Eternal: because itís final and never fading.
3. Complete & Final: because Jesus paid it all and nothing else
     needs to be done.
Jesusí sacrifice is perfect and final.
Because of what He has done,
your sins are no longer an issue in salvation.
Jesus paid the full penalty and final price for all your sins.
Jesus saved you perfectly, completely, and forever!
(Colossians 2:13-14; Hebrews 10:10-14; Romans 8:1-3)
Your salvation is a teamwork effort with Christ.
Youíre saved by believing in Jesus and
by trying your best to keep it by doing your part.
Jesus only started your salvation;
and itís up to you to finish it.
Your salvation has nothing to do with your efforts.
Jesus saved you all by Himself,
You have nothing to do with it. You donít have a part.
The only thing you contributed to your salvation was sin.
Youíre saved only by turning to Jesus and trusting in Him
as your Lord, your God and your Savior.
His sacrifice alone saved you completely and forever.
Jesus paid it all, put your full trust and confidence in Him.
Nothing else is needed!
(Ephesians 2:8-9; Romans 3:19-28; Galatians 2:16)
not promised
Your salvation isnít promised,
your salvation isnít certain.
You can lose it!
You can give it away!
Jesus doesnít keep you,
Itís up to you to keep yourself.
Your salvation is in your hands.
Jesus didnít pay it all; itís your job to finish it.
If you donít do your part, you will lose your salvation.
Nothing is promised
Nothing is certain.
Jesusí sacrifice is perfect, complete, and final.
we are kept forever,
sealed forever,
loved forever,
and saved forever.
Jesus paid it all, He gave us eternal life!
For those who have placed their hope and trust in Christ,
their salvation is an eternal promise from God.
(1stJohn 2:25; 1stPeter 1:3-5; Ephesians 1:13-14; Romans 8:31-39; Hebrews 7:25; John 6:35-40, 47; 10:27-29)

We cannot work for our salvation, think that itís our job to keep it, fear losing it, and then call it ďfaith.Ē Jesus either paid some, or He paid it all. Either He alone saves us, or He merely helps us save ourselves. Either our salvation is eternal, or God is a liar. Putting faith in Christ means: trusting, relying, depending, and having full confidence that Jesus completely saves you; and that He paid it all. Our good works donít help save or keep us in any way. Our good works and our changed lives are merely the results of our faith; and not payments for our salvation. Our salvation isnít earned or kept by us; itís a promise from God; not to the one who works, but to the one who ďbelieves in Him (Romans 4:4-5).Ē Anything else is not the faith, itís not the Gospel, and therefore it canít save (Galatians 1:6-9). If you believe that salvation can be lost, then what are you saying about Jesus and His sacrifice, and what ďgospelĒ do you believe in? If the success of your salvation is in your hands, have faith, give it to Christ, and rest your soul (Matt 11:28; 2 Tim 1:12).

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