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In Athens, Paul stood in the middle of the theological, philosophical world and proclaimed Jesus as God in the flesh. Day by day, he reasoned with Jews, God-fearing Gentiles, and pagans, proclaiming Jesus to any and all who would listen (Acts 17:16-22). In todayís world, social media easily fits and mirrors this theological, philosophical hangout. Itís almost impossible to exhaust the internet of comments, opinions, willing readers, and imminent two hour discussions over even the smallest of issues. Social media has truly become the Areopagus of modern society. This book is a collection of my favorite tweets from todayís church leaders, quotes from church history, and from friends and my own personal Bible studies. It is my prayer that this book is a sweet meditation in the doctrines of grace, a catalyst for personal bible study, and a whetstone for believers in the basics of the faith. I also pray that this collection finds its way into the hands of those who are tasting, those who disagree, and those opposed to reformed theology; and helps to explain what we mean by an impossible, eternal salvation that is by grace alone, through faith alone, to the glory of God alone. (Titus 3:5)

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